Cockpit Drill Quiz

Welcome to the Cockpit Drill Quiz

When you begin learning to drive, you'll start off with the cockpit drill. If you've not read it yet, take a read of the cockpit drill (DSSSM) tutorial before taking this quiz.

Here we will test your knowledge on the on the car cockpit drill. 10 questions to answer on the most important points of the cockpit drill. You'll be able to see if you've got the question correct or incorrect right away.


When should the cockpit drill be conducted?


When you get into the car, it's important that you perform the cockpit drill in the correct order. What does DSSSM stand for?


The first stage of the cockpit drill is the doors. What do you need to do with the doors?


If your door is not properly shut, you may need to open it again before shutting it. Before opening your door, you should:


Now adjust the height of your seat so that you have a clear view of the road and move your seat forwards or backwards so that you can fully depress the foot controls while maintaining:


Adjust the headrest so that:


For steering, adjust the back of the seat so that you can hold the:


As the driver of the vehicle, you're responsible for:


You should ensure your seat belt is flat and free from twists as this:


You should adjust the internal mirror so that you can see as little interior of the cat as possible. You should avoid touching the glass because:

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  1. It may be driver that’s LEGALLY Responsible for <13 yo but the security of passengers (and car contents) are a good driver’s duty.

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