Learning how to use the car clutch tutorial

Car Clutch Tutorials

When learning to drive a car with a manual transmission, one of the most challenging procedures is the clutch. Often the best way of learning how to use something can be to gain an understanding of how it works. These car clutch tutorials explain the basics of what a car clutch is, how it works and how to use it.

What is a car clutch explained

What is a Car Clutch

This tutorial explains what a car clutch is in its basic form. Diagrams illustrate what a car clutch does when the clutch pedal is pressed and released.

Which floor pedal is the clutch clutch explained

Which Pedal is the Clutch?

This guide explains which pedal is the clutch and how to remember it, which foot you use to operate the clutch and how to correctly press it.

Tutorial explaining what a car clutch does with diagrams

What Does a Car Clutch Do?

For learner drivers and new drivers of manual cars, an explanation of what a car clutch does along with a diagram.

Why Does a Car Need a Clutch?

The more understanding of the car clutch you have, the better you'll get the hang of using it. Here we explain why a car needs a clutch.

Tutorial explaining how a car clutch works

How Does a Car Clutch Work?

This tutorial explains along with diagrams how a car clutch works when the clutch pedal is pushed down and what happens when it's lifted up.

Tutorials for learning the car clutch for learner drivers

Learning the Car Clutch for Beginners

This section offers step by step tutorials with diagrams for new drivers to learn the car clutch. Tutorials are easy to understand and should help with learning clutch control.