Car Brakes Tutorial

Car Brakes Tutorial

An important part of learning to drive includes learning how to stop the car smoothly and in a controlled manner. These car braking tutorials aim to teach the correct use of the foot brake, when to brake  and also includes the basics on how your car brakes work.

How Car Brakes Work Tutorial

How Car Brakes Work

Understanding how something works often helps when it comes to using it. This tutorial explains in basic terms how car brakes work along with a diagram.

Feel, Firm and Feather

The feel, firm and feather car braking technique is a system used by driving instructors for teaching learner drivers how to use their car’s brakes.

How to Brake Smoothly in a Manual Car Tutorial

How to Brake Smoothly in a Manual Car

As a new, learner driver you’re most likely to use the brake pedal too abruptly. This tutorial explains how to brake smoothly and gently stop in a manual car.

Explanation on when you should and should not press the clutch when braking

Do You Have to Press the Clutch When Braking?

Pressing down the clutch when braking can reduce braking performance and potentially fail a driving test. Here we explain when you should and should not use the clutch when braking.

A guide explaining where you should brake while turning in a car

Should You Brake While Turning?

As a learner driver or new driver, it’s important that you know how to drive around corners. This guide explains the correct technique for making turns and how to use your car’s brake.

What is Brake Fade Explained

Brake Fade Explained

This guide explains what brake fade is, how it occurs and what you should do if you get brake fade while driving.