Can You Adjust your Mirrors During Parallel Parking Test?

Can You Adjust your Mirrors During Parallel Parking?

One of the most important aspects of driving is safety. Observation is a key component of safety, so yes, you can adjust your mirrors either prior or during the parallel parking manoeuvre.

Whether taking driving lessons or a practical driving test, if you feel that adjusting your mirrors prior or during the parallel parking manoeuvre will improve your ability to complete the manoeuvre safely, then it’s perfectly acceptable to adjust them accordingly.

You may find that adjusting a side mirror so that you have a better view of the kerb is beneficial as it may help you by preventing you from hitting it, worse still, from mounting the pavement.

It’s best if you adjust the side mirror before the manoeuvre begins, but if you do need to make adjustments during the parallel parking manoeuvre, ensure you stop and secure the vehicle before doing so.

Can You Adjust Mirrors for Other Manoeuvres?

Yes, the same applies to the bay parking manoeuvre; either forward bay or reverse bay parking. You may find that slightly altering your side mirrors offers better observation of the bay lines, enabling you to safely enter the bay.

The same can be said for any reversing manoeuvre either during driving lessons or the driving test. If you feel that making slight adjustments of a side mirror will enhance your observation, then feel free to adjust them.

Will the Examiner Mind if I Adjust the Mirrors?

No the driving test examiner will not mind you making mirror adjustments if it improves safety.

Readjusting the Mirrors

After completing a manoeuvre such as parallel parking or bay parking and if you did make adjustments to your mirrors, the mirrors may not now be properly set for general driving.

So after completing the manoeuvre, try to remember to readjust the mirrors back to optimal observing for general driving.

Can I ask the Examiner to Adjust the Mirror?

Yes, if you have manually operated door mirrors, you can ask the driving test examiner to adjust the left (nearside) door mirror for you.

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