Can I Learn to Drive Before I Pass My Theory Test?

Can I Learn to Drive Before I Pass My Theory Test?

Yes, you can learn to drive before passing the theory test. In fact, taking driving lessons while studying for your theory test is the preferred method as it increases your chances of passing the theory test. The benefits of learning to drive before passing the theory test include:

  • Having your instructor at hand to ask any questions that you aren’t sure of while revising for your theory test
  • While learning to drive, your instructor will teach you about the meaning of road markings and road signs
  • You will learn many rules of the road, many of which are asked in the theory test
  • Learning to drive will help immensely with the hazard perception part of the theory test

Will Driving Lessons Help Me Pass the Theory Test First Time?

The current pass rate for all UK theory test centres combined is 47.7 percent. That means that of all the people that take the theory test, a little over half fail it. If you’re taking mock theory tests and you’re close to the pass mark of 86 percent, driving lessons will undoubtedly help you achieve a better pass mark and increase your chances of passing first time.

Where learning to drive before passing the theory test is likely to benefit you the most is with the hazard perception section of the theory test. The hazard perception test requires you to spot developing hazards and click the mouse button when you see one. 44 marks out of a possible 75 are required to pass and without real-world experience, some theory test candidates struggle with this.

How Long Does it Take to Prepare for the Theory Test?

Due to everybody having varied abilities, there’s no specific answer to this. You’ll need to combine reading the Highway Code along with theory test study materials such as books and DVD’s or apps for your phone or tablet. Much of the theory test is common sense, though there are some questions you’ll be asked that require study and comprehension.

To prepare for the theory test, it takes an average of between 10 to 20 hours of study. If you’re finding that after 20 hours of study you’re still struggling with the theory test, driving lessons will certainly help. Be sure to tell your driving instructor that you’re finding your theory test study difficult. Your instructor will ask you about which areas in particular and will then incorporate that into driving lessons.

How Long do You Have to Pass Your Driving Test After Theory?

You’ll have 2 years to pass your driving test from the date that you passed the theory test. If you haven’t passed your theory test within 2 years, you’ll need to take another theory test.

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